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The ENERGY GLOBE Award is presented in the Categories Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Youth and distinguishes particularly sustainable projects. The Award is presented at the national and international level (more information on Award).

Anyone wishing to apply for the ENERGY GLOBE Award must complete an submission form.

You can either fill in the online submission form (PDF, 868 kB) or download the PDF below and send your project documentation and supporting materials

  • in digital form to:
  • or a hardcopy of it to:

    Mühlbach 7
    4801 Traunkirchen
    Austria, Europe

Deadline for project submission: June 17th, 2011

Please send the following documentation along with the filled-out submission form: (documents A-C in English or German)

A) A short summary of the project (should not exceed 100 words) and a minimum of two (digital) project pictures in good quality. All of these will be used for the ENERGY GLOBE project database.

B) A detailed description (approx. 2 pages): Description of the project, including a time schedule and exact details concerning the level of implementation. Please add specific facts and figures that document the effect of your project.

C) A half page addressing each of the following evaluation criteria:
– Project aim taking into consideration the sustainability and efficiency of the
– Innovative aspects of the project, taking into account the technological
standards and the circumstances in the region.
– Cost/benefit in terms of economic and social aspects.
– Replication potential: suitability of the project for implementation elsewhere
– Environmental compatibility: in particular regarding emissions and
climate protection.

D) If available: Documentation material such as publications, newspaper articles,
photographs, videotapes, DVDs, brochures, website, etc.

Please be sure to fill out the submission form completely. The back of the submission form suggests keywords for possible project areas. Your project need not necessarily fit into these designations.

By participating in the ENERGY GLOBE you agree to accept a publication of your project. If deemed necessary by the organizer, the submitted project may be moved to another category. Submitted projects are also documented in the ENERGY GLOBE database.

submission form (en)

formulario de inscripción (es) (PDF, 213 kB)

formulaire d’inscription (fr) (PDF, 214 kB)

Einreichformular (de) (PDF, 217 kB)

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